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by Chau Tu [15 Jan 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
The 10 Most Anticipated Albums of ‘09

Alright, alright, we all know that 2008 was a bad year – so bad that even the music biz wasn’t spared.
But 2009 is a year of change – and we’re not just talking about President-elect Barack Obama change– there’s actually music worth looking forward to.
We at THE POP FIX have got a list to start you and 2009 off on the right foot, because face it, what’s a new year without new music to anticipate?  And mind you, most of these albums are all set to be released …

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by Gael Blakes [15 Jan 2009 | One Comment | ]

I was walking around Barnes & Noble with a friend when I saw the book “Yes Man,” on which the movie is based. The book is written by Carl Allen who took it upon himself to say “yes” to everything, no matter what. Based on a true story, this movie was more fun because everything he does was really done by Carl. In the beginning of the film, Carl is a loner who says “no” to everything, but once he starts to say “yes,” his life begins.