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THEPOPFIX Introduces Lady Love Letters

Recently I found myself driving down Sunset Boulevard shocked at the images hovering above me. Normally I try to avert my eyes as the Sunset skyline is littered with half naked models attempting to sell me things that I can’t afford or convince me to look a way that I’ll never look. But this time, something different happened: towering above me was Amy Poehler as her “Parks and Recreation” alter-ego Leslie Knope. A little further down, stopped at a red light, I noticed Amy Schumer gazing down from on high in a billboard for her show “Inside Amy Schumer.” Further west was Julia Louis-Dreyfus commanding her fleet in an ad for the latest season of “Veep.” It appeared that women, really, strong and funny women, had taken over the Sunset Strip.


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Favorite Workplace Centered TV Shows – POP 5

Television viewers have had their emotions wrecked during these past couple Sundays, because “The Walking Dead” and “Girls” have both aired their season finale. To fill that void of sadness, we can look forward to the final season of “Mad Men” premiering Sunday April 13th. We’ve shared with you our favorite lawyer based TV shows, but with the celebration of “Man Men” returning, here is our favorite shows that revolve around the workplace.

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Horror Movies – Worst Things I Read

Regular viewers of THEPOPFIX know Clarke Wolfe by now. She’s the gal who is all about glasses, nautical stripes and horror! And as she’s discussed before in the case of “Paranormal Activity,” horror often gets a bad wrap whether it’s slow burn or slasher, ghosts or gore. Today Jill Kill joins THEPOPFIX to discuss the Worst Things I Read… About Horror Movies. Can’t even the classics catch a break? Spoiler Alert: not likely.

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Movies That Make Me Want To Pack My Bags

Don’t watch these movies unless you’re ready to pack up your bags and flee to another country! At least that’s the affect they tend to have on me. Which movies make you want to see the world? Click here for my picks, and leave a comment below with yours!

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Monday Music Injection – Ed Sheeran’s “SING” & More

Let’s be honest, Monday’s normally suck. Not anymore though, because THEPOPFIX is now bringing you the music news you need to know and the new music you need to hear. Don’t worry next week I promise a detox from the Top 40 genre, but right now pop your headphones in and enjoy our first installment of:

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“Captain America” Sequel Destroys April Box Office Records

It appears Marvel is still riding the money train, with their latest release of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Chris Evans and the soon to be mother, Scarlett Johansson, brought in an estimated $20,000,000 more in just one weekend compared to the total grossing for “Noah.”

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Sinners & Saints – The Watchlist

Welcome to the first installment of The Watchlist – a new weekly column all about what I’m currently watching and what I thought about it. My name is Erin Darling, and I’m a LA-based TV/web host, writer, and producer. For the past few years I’ve been mainly covering, reviewing, and hosting shows about movies, and as a result I end up watching a lot of ‘em. Between screenings, homework for projects I’m working on, and/or nights in with my Netflix account, I normally watch between 5-7 films per week. Some of them old, some of them new, some of them virtually unheard of outside of uber specific niche communities of which I’m clearly not cool enough to belong. I digress. The point is, there’s a huge world of cinema out there, and it’s a fascinating world I’m constantly exploring. Now I’m here to share my discoveries with you!

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Halle Berry’s Multiple Personalities In “Frankie & Alice”

Catwoman and Storm from the X-Men, actress Halle Berry is taking on a character that requires someone with super powers to portray. In the movie “Frankie And Alice” she will battle against the struggle of living with DID. Dissociative identity disorder is known to most as multiple personality disorder

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“Game Of Thrones” Character Inspired Rdio Playlists

Alright my “Game Of Thrones” fans, Rdio currently has some creative music playlists I know you are going to love. I sadly do not watch this show, but when I explained what was going on to my friend, she was crazy excited. She also says I butchered all the character names and kingdoms, my bad.